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CD - DALIT (Jewelcase version) - FREE shipping!

11.00 - On Sale

1. Noir
2. Nomad
3. Silent Genocide
4. Impression
5. Tears Of Uriah
6. The Upper Hand
7. DEM

Review by Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) for Scream Magazine:

“Dismal and sad emotions flow on from the first song. This is music for those that like their funeral dark and more bleak than normal. I wouldn’t say it sounds like Katatonia, but it gives me the same kind of feeling; total tristesse. You won’t exactly get cheered up by listening to this, I promise. The music is doomish but far from boring, and the music has a f****** nice drive to it. I get pictures in my head of lost souls swept in the abyss’ finest silk. I especially enjoy the choice of tones helping to enhance the some times unpredictable turns in the songs that makes up almost 40 minutes. […] nevertheless it’s a good example of a band who has found it’s niche. If it’s original or not is of lesser importance if it’s good. And it is.”